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    Every year the U.S. Fire Administration reports that the cause of thousands of fires are the result of obstructed dryer vents. These fires cause multiple deaths, numerous injuries, and millions of dollars in property damage. Keep your family, and your property, safe with our annual service.

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Fire Safety and Energy Efficiency

House Fires

House Fires

Prevent the leading cause of house fires with our annual service.

Trusted By Clients

Trusted By Clients

Our annual service increases the efficiency of your dryer. By eliminating venting obstructions, your dryer's airflow increases which leads to shorter drying times and lower energy costs.

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I am a former first responder who, over the course of a decade long career, went to numerous fires. I have seen many of these fires lead to the loss of life and extensive property damage. Being exposed to many preventable disasters has encouraged me to use my past experience in the duct cleaning industry to save lives and combat these avoidable incidents.

As a father and husband I understand the importance of keeping your family safe. Aside from of our valued service, I ensure that all of my employees have undergone a rigorous police background check so you can feel comfortable with the technician that comes to your home. It is my goal to offer a quality service to my local neighbors at a reasonable price.

Our Services

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We clean residential dryer vents and commercial dryer vents. We can also clean bathroom fan vents if needed. We also do installations and repairs.

Our cleaning method is highly efficient. It involves taking an initial air flow reading from your dryer vent. We then conduct a check of your vent lines and exterior louver to check for any damage. If any damage is noted, the damaged equipment is repaired or replaced. We then conduct a thorough cleaning of your vent utilizing tools that are safe enough for your flexible duct lines. Afterwards we take a final airflow reading to show you, the customer, how much our service has impacted your system.

Residential Dryer Vents Cleaning

Our company will clean Residential and Commercial Dryer Vents to increase the efficiency of a dryer and eliminate/reduce the risk of a lint fire.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

We take an additional air flow reading in order to show you how effective our cleaning method is.


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